Welcome to FunkoPop.Photography !

I started this project in August of 2021 wanting a way to practice my photography in a world of lockdowns and quarantines.

I had considered myself to be mostly a landscape photographer, while experimenting with some portrait and still life shooting.

I started with a few Funko Pop! figures I had purchased on clearance for around $2.00. This has now grown to over +100 Pops! with a value of over $1,500.00 !!

Starting in 2022 I am expanding my subject matter to beyond Pops!. Things like watches, jewelry, food, flowers and products.

But do not worry one of my other goals is to practice focus stacking and continuous lighting. So that means reshooting my entire collection, that’s right I am going to reshoot each Pop using my new Godox SL60W LED light and focus stack them using the flexible spot focusing on my Sony A7ii and then using the “Focus Merge” feature in Affinity Photo.

I have created another blog to post both my successes and failures with this new 2022 Tabletop Photography Project. I call it “The Tabletop Photographer Guide”


By gregoryjurbano

Hobbyist Photographer Taking pictures of everything around me.

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