My first turntable video and a long list of projects.

So along with just collecting and photographing Funko Pops! I have a long list of other things that I would like to accomplish with this project.

One was to create rotating product styled videos using the Pops!. So the first step was to find a rotating base. A quick search on Amazon.Com and I found on at a reasonable price. It was the –

Mcbazel 360 Degree Rotating Display Stand, 4.6 Inches Electric Rotating Turntable with Low Noise for Jewelry/Photography Products/Watch/Cup and ect. – Black for $19.

ps – that is not an affiliate link, not selling or monetizing on this blog

So I set up to shoot my first video, I tried both my Panasonic LX10 and Sony A7ii. I shot using continous led light panels and used the built in video editor in Windows 10 Photos program. I came up with the result below. This also caused me to create a channel as I had to find a home to post this video.

Anyway this is the beginning of a long list of ideas I have with this Funko Pop photography project. I have already started on a second (hint – FPWL, Funko Pop! Wrestling League) project and will be posting early results here.

By gregoryjurbano

Hobbyist Photographer Taking pictures of everything around me.

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