Using the Funko App to track and value your Pop! collection.

My Funko Pop! collection.

So one of my goals was to get my collection scanned into the Funko App. There were two reasons, one to keep track of what I had already purchased, two to get an estimated value of the figures.

So I downloaded the app (Android phone so Google Play Store), installed it, logged in with an account I created, took pictures of all the barcode using the “scan” feature in the collections tab.

So I have payed between $2-$3 a piece for almost half of my collection. Searching the bargain and clearance bins at Walmart, GameStop, Fye, Barnes & Noble. Some I have paid between 4$-8$ the most was I think $9.99 for Yon-Rogg.

I have taken advantage of memberships at Fye and GameStop to get discounts.

The app said my collection as a whole, with two major figures not even valued yet, at $505 !! Wow, was not expecting that.

Anyway if you are starting to collect Pops too I highly recommend the app.


By gregoryjurbano

Hobbyist Photographer Taking pictures of everything around me.

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