Photographing other peoples passions and reaching a milestone on Instagram.

I chose to combine both subjects in this post because they are intertwined, connected per say.

When I started this project my goal was to practice my product photography skills, I only started using Funko Pops! because I had a couple laying around. One of the ground rules for this project was consistency, both in subject matter and style.

That is what this post is about, by unknowingly embracing a subject matter that so many people were already passionate about I have seen growth on Instagram beyond any other project I have attempted in recent years.

Having good photos and a consistent shooting style does not hurt either I think.

I have reached 400+ followers in 40 posts. In around 6 weeks of posting, mostly daily and by finding myself becoming addicted to the hobby of collecting Pops! myself I am already calling this project a success.

I am not closing the doors by any means but looking forward to expanding how I photograph them while trying to stay true to what is already posted. More creativity is going to be required on my part.

So follow me on this journey by subscribing to this blog and following me on Instagram!

By gregoryjurbano

Hobbyist Photographer Taking pictures of everything around me.

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