My Favorite Funko Pop! & Number 70 in my collection.

I have discovered my favorite Funko Pop! so far! Guy Fieri 49.

Why? Probably because I love his TV shows, Diners Drive Ins and Dives, Grocery Games, etc. I also have a lot of respect for him as a person because of his charitable contributions to people in need.

At the beginning of the pandemic he stepped right up and started giving. This was just a continuation of his already generous spirit.

Plus he is a regular guy. His shows highlight regular people. Diners Drive Ins and Dives aren’t fancy coat and tie sitdowns, nope they are places that I would eat at. Good food for regular people.

Funko Pop! Guy Fieri 49
Funko Pop! Guy Fieri 49

Any way, just wanted to get that out there. He is the 70th Pop! added to my growing collection. what a milestone.

Welcome to Flavortown!

Photographing other peoples passions and reaching a milestone on Instagram.

I chose to combine both subjects in this post because they are intertwined, connected per say.

When I started this project my goal was to practice my product photography skills, I only started using Funko Pops! because I had a couple laying around. One of the ground rules for this project was consistency, both in subject matter and style.

That is what this post is about, by unknowingly embracing a subject matter that so many people were already passionate about I have seen growth on Instagram beyond any other project I have attempted in recent years.

Having good photos and a consistent shooting style does not hurt either I think.

I have reached 400+ followers in 40 posts. In around 6 weeks of posting, mostly daily and by finding myself becoming addicted to the hobby of collecting Pops! myself I am already calling this project a success.

I am not closing the doors by any means but looking forward to expanding how I photograph them while trying to stay true to what is already posted. More creativity is going to be required on my part.

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I make no apologies, I take my Funko Pops! out of the box!

There I said it. But I really have to… don’t I? (Take them out of the box that is.)

I started this as a photography project, I chose Funko Pops! as the subject. As I explore different lighting techniques and studio sets I am improving my skillset and creating a porfolio of work. Collecting the little guys/girls/monsters is just a side benefit.

So collectors please understand, I mean them no harm and they really are fun to take out of the box and play with. You should try it sometime.

Using the Funko App to track and value your Pop! collection.

My Funko Pop! collection.

So one of my goals was to get my collection scanned into the Funko App. There were two reasons, one to keep track of what I had already purchased, two to get an estimated value of the figures.

So I downloaded the app (Android phone so Google Play Store), installed it, logged in with an account I created, took pictures of all the barcode using the “scan” feature in the collections tab.

So I have payed between $2-$3 a piece for almost half of my collection. Searching the bargain and clearance bins at Walmart, GameStop, Fye, Barnes & Noble. Some I have paid between 4$-8$ the most was I think $9.99 for Yon-Rogg.

I have taken advantage of memberships at Fye and GameStop to get discounts.

The app said my collection as a whole, with two major figures not even valued yet, at $505 !! Wow, was not expecting that.

Anyway if you are starting to collect Pops too I highly recommend the app.